Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Republican Shrimpfest, Friday Aug. 13 in Vinton


You are invited to



6:00 P.M.


(Next to Vinton War Memorial)


Special Guests:
Governor George Allen
Congressman Bob Goodlatte
many other invited guests

TICKETS: For more information call

$25.00 per person Trixie Averill 890-6519 gopgirl2@aol.com

$30.00 at the door Polly Johnson 375-6465 loqaut@aol.com

$13.00 Kids 5-12

Kids Under 5 Free

P.O. Box 20923 Roanoke, VA 24018

Authorized and paid for by the Roanoke County Republican Committee

The place to be and the people to be with!!
Trixie Averill

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Congratulations to 5th dist. Republican nominee Robert Hurt

Senator Robert Hurt won the July 8 Republican Primary in the 5th Congressional district of Virginia.

He will need our help to beat liberal Democrat Tom Perriello. Despite Perriello being wrong on the issues, the Democrats are giving him big money to try to keep Nancy Pelosi as head of the US Congress.

I encourage you to visit Senator Hurt's website, sign up for his email alerts and donate money!

RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

"I want to offer my heartfelt congratulations to Senator Robert Hurt for winning the Republican nomination in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District. I know that Robert will be an excellent Congressman, and will represent the 5th District well in the coming years," Mullins said. "But I also want to thank the other six candidates for their efforts."

"There were times when Virginia Republicans didn't have a very deep bench to work from — sometimes it wasn't a bench, it was a stool," Mullins joked. "But that's certainly not the case in the 5th District. When faced with disastrous leadership in Washington, D.C. and a Congressman who has blatantly voted against the will of the people time and time again, an unprecedented number of candidates answered the call to public service. To all of them, I offer my sincerest thanks."

"Any one of these men and women would have been better for the 5th District than Tom Perriello," Mullins said. "From his first day in office, Perriello has shown himself to be inseparable from Nancy Pelosi and her liberal agenda. Whether it was Obama's red-ink soaked budget, cap and trade, the GM bailout or the $1 trillion 'stimulus' we've borrowed from China and our grandchildren, Perriello has been there every step of the way, digging the hole deeper with every vote. He voted not once, but twice for the federal takeover of our healthcare system despite overwhelming opposition to it in his district."

"Now, the voters have spoken, and Republicans all across the 5th District will stand united behind Robert Hurt as he moves on to November, when we will finally pink slip Tom Perriello," he said. “The Republican Party of Virginia is looking forward to being a partner with Robert Hurt in the months ahead, pink slipping Perriello, and replacing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.”

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Congratulations to Trixie and Morgan

Congratulations to Trixie Averill, new chairman of the 6th Dist Republican Party...elected in Lynchburg by a vote of 871 to 326 (weighted votes).

Also a big congratulations to Morgan Griffith, our new 9th district Republican nominee for the US Congress. Morgan was elected today in Ft. Chiswell, VA at the 9th district Convention.

Morgan needs our support and help to beat Slick Rick Boucher!!

Visit Morgan's Website to register for email updates!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Local Republican Units elect new Committee Chairs

Congratulations to the committee chairs of these local Republican units:

Roanoke City: Jim Delong (new)
Roanoke County: Mike Bailey (re-elected)
Salem City: Kjersten Croke (new)
Botetourt County: Christine Broughton (new)

A big THANK YOU to outgoing chairs Adam Boitnott (Roanoke City), Greg Habeeb (Salem City) and Doug Gimbert (Botetourt County).....thank you for the hard work you have done to build our local parties!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Roanoke County Mass Meeting Election Results

Roanoke County Republican Committee Chairman Election Results
Thank you to everyone who participated in tonight's Roanoke County Republican Mass Meeting. Special thanks goes to all of the volunteers that did the tough work that allowed for an orderly mass meeting with 200+ enthusiastic Republicans!
Congrautulations to Mike Bailey who was elected Chairman of the Roanoke County Republican Committee by a 152-52 vote.

Friday, February 5, 2010

For 6th District Chairman: Trixie Averill

Fellow Republicans,

Living in the Roanoke Valley, I have had the opportunity to watch both candidates for 6th district chair. Both have chaired local units here and both candidates are good organizers and great people.

After careful consideration, I have decided to endorse Trixie Averill for the 6th district chair.

I believe Trixie Averill is clearly the better candidate for the following reasons:

EXPERIENCE - I have admired Trixie's leadership since joining the party in 1993. Nobody has worked harder and put in more long hours up and down the Valley than her.

ENERGY - Trixie is the ultimate cheerleader for her candidates. We need that enthusiasm and positive attitude in our Chairman as well.

TIME - Trixie is retired and since her kids are grown and have left home, she can do the job of 6th district chairman full time. We need a full time chair.

A UNIFIER - This is a critical role. I believe Trixie is respected by just about all members of the district and people feel they can work with her. Trixie and I have supported different candidates in the primary before. I can say she always treats every Republican with respect and dignity. I have never seen her trash any of our candidates, even those she did not support during the primary.

Trixie is respected and liked across the state by many people. That is why the State Central Committee voted her the Vice Chairman of RPV for Western Virginia.

Greg Habeeb has served the past year as City of Salem chair. He has grown that committee admirably. I sat down with Greg earlier this week. I told him that I believe his skills and demeanor are better suited for running for public office. Greg's aggressive nature is ideal for facing a Democrat opponent. For our 6th district chair, however, we need a person who can unite us.

As a member of the 6th district committee, I have witnessed a certain amount of pain and division among our ranks recently. The most immediate job our incoming 6th district chairman will have is unifying our party. We MUST have somebody with the temperament and fair-mindedness to do that.....they must be respected by all and not approach this job with a political agenda. Our chairman must be somebody who will put the district ahead of any personal agenda or resume-building, as well.... Somebody who can work well with our elected leaders but equally well with our grassroots workers and stand up for them.

Quite frankly, being on the RPV state central committee, I would have preferred not to endorse in this race. Taking a stand is sometimes a hard thing to do when you like all the candidates. However, the 6th district chair is a very critical role right now. We must choose the right person.

I have faith and confidence that Trixie Averill is the right leader we need as 6th district chairman. I urge you to consider supporting her as well.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Important information on race for 6th dist chairman

My recent note to some fellow Republicans is below.....I have endorsed nobody, yet. I want to step forward to encourage ALL who run for this important seat.....we need unity, not somebody who divides us. The 6th district committee has had our challenges lately and we must put this behind us.

I urge all candidates: The person we choose must put the needs of the district ahead of their personal agenda for future office, or resume-building.

This is a servant's position.....Check your ego at the door.

I hope we can get somebody who is a fiscal and social conservative...the full package. But this election should be about the exchange of ideas, not who is most aggressive or shouts the loudest or pressures you to support them.

To all who live in the 6th congressional district, I encourage you to participate!! The convention is May 22 in Lynchburg.

To register, you have to go to your local Republican unit (city or county) and follow their rules to sign up. Most of them have unit mass meetings in Feb. - April.

Roanoke City has a mass meeting on Feb. 17 at 6 pm, but that meeting is to nominate candidates for city council. Like the other units, their mass meeting for the 6th dist. convention will be later.

Some units will allow you to register for the May 22 convention in Lynchburg without attending the local Mass meeting. Each can set their own rules, so check it out.

The good news here: You, the registered voter has an EQUAL vote with anybody. You don' t have to be a member of your local party. You can shape the direction of the party by attending and voting! I hope you will consider doing just that.

Dear Fellow Republican,
The 6th district chairman seat will be up for election at the May 22 6th district meeting in Lynchburg.
Fred Anderson plans to step down and has planned to announce that at our Feb. 6th dist meeting....Salem Chair Greg Habeeb has already announced he is running for that seat.
18 years in local politics has taught me one thing "KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY" and don't jump the gun.
My advice to all 6th district Republicans is to ENDORSE NOBODY, yet. The election will not be held until May 22, so there is plenty of time.
I have it on good authority that 2 other people (including a well-liked conservative) are considering running for that seat...so I recommend you wait and see who the candidates are before locking yourself into just one person.