Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Congratulations to 5th dist. Republican nominee Robert Hurt

Senator Robert Hurt won the July 8 Republican Primary in the 5th Congressional district of Virginia.

He will need our help to beat liberal Democrat Tom Perriello. Despite Perriello being wrong on the issues, the Democrats are giving him big money to try to keep Nancy Pelosi as head of the US Congress.

I encourage you to visit Senator Hurt's website, sign up for his email alerts and donate money!

RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

"I want to offer my heartfelt congratulations to Senator Robert Hurt for winning the Republican nomination in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District. I know that Robert will be an excellent Congressman, and will represent the 5th District well in the coming years," Mullins said. "But I also want to thank the other six candidates for their efforts."

"There were times when Virginia Republicans didn't have a very deep bench to work from — sometimes it wasn't a bench, it was a stool," Mullins joked. "But that's certainly not the case in the 5th District. When faced with disastrous leadership in Washington, D.C. and a Congressman who has blatantly voted against the will of the people time and time again, an unprecedented number of candidates answered the call to public service. To all of them, I offer my sincerest thanks."

"Any one of these men and women would have been better for the 5th District than Tom Perriello," Mullins said. "From his first day in office, Perriello has shown himself to be inseparable from Nancy Pelosi and her liberal agenda. Whether it was Obama's red-ink soaked budget, cap and trade, the GM bailout or the $1 trillion 'stimulus' we've borrowed from China and our grandchildren, Perriello has been there every step of the way, digging the hole deeper with every vote. He voted not once, but twice for the federal takeover of our healthcare system despite overwhelming opposition to it in his district."

"Now, the voters have spoken, and Republicans all across the 5th District will stand united behind Robert Hurt as he moves on to November, when we will finally pink slip Tom Perriello," he said. “The Republican Party of Virginia is looking forward to being a partner with Robert Hurt in the months ahead, pink slipping Perriello, and replacing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.”