Monday, June 30, 2008

Frederick names Executive Director Allison Coccia to lead Virginia GOP

Richmond, Virginia (June 27, 2008) – Allison Coccia, who formerly served as Executive Director of the New York Republican State Committee, and as Political Director and Acting Finance Director of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, has been named Executive Director of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV).

“After a thorough search that entailed interviewing several outstanding candidates, I concluded that Allison offers us a proven record at improving fundraising, communications, and building the grassroots,” said Jeffrey M. Frederick, RPV Chairman.

In his first month since being elected Chairman, Frederick has moved quickly to name Harrisonburg businessman and entrepreneur Walter Curt as the GOP’s Finance Chairman, and veteran national political and campaign attorney Cleta Mitchell as General Counsel. In addition, Frederick installed Virginia political veterans Tom Bunnell and Gerry Scimeca to key positions within the RPV operation.

Frederick has promised to put together "the strongest team of leaders and staff RPV has ever seen", and as part of that effort, he instructed his search committee to conduct a national search for the top candidates available for Executive Director. Candidates were identified, interviewed, and researched as part of the vetting process.

Coccia is the first woman to head the RPV staff in more than 25 years. Frederick said he was impressed with the strong endorsements Coccia received from party leaders throughout Pennsylvania and New York, and for her ability to get to every corner of the Empire State to listen to party leaders and help to build their local parties.

“I wanted an Executive Director who was not a top-down leader, but understood the importance of physically meeting with grassroots Republicans and contributors from Lee County to the Eastern Shore, and find out what tools they needed to win in their areas,” Frederick said.

“Allison worked tirelessly to revitalize the Republican Party in New York State at a local level, and her work contributed to our stunning victories in 2007,” according to New York State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos. “New York's loss is Virginia's gain”, he added.

Scott Migli, former Executive Director of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania said: “the Virginia GOP has made a great choice in hiring Allison as Executive Director. Allison and I worked very closely in Pennsylvania during 2006, one of the most difficult years in decades for Republicans. As the Political Director, despite overwhelming odds, she was able to guide our Victory program to second in the nation. Together we worked closely with the state legislature to pass a Voter ID bill that was signed by a Democrat governor. Allison will prove to be a great asset in a state we must carry in November to elect Sen. John McCain the next President of the United States.”

Coccia also worked for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and the Pennsylvania House Republican Campaign Committee where she served as campaign manager for numerous campaigns across the Pennsylvania.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Mark Sanford: A Different Kind of Republican

June 26, 2008

Mark Sanford: A Different Kind of Republican

If you want to see why Mark Sanford is different from a lot of the other Republican names being bandied about for VP, take a look at what just happened in South Carolina's local elections. While other governors are shy with the veto pen or refuse to fight for conservative policies, Sanford is not the type to sit silently and let the Legislature steamroll him.

It is important to note that although South Carolina's Legislature is controlled by Republicans, these are anti-reform Republicans who like to keep government big, spending high, and their pork flowing. Some of the most powerful of these Republicans were former Democrats who switched parties when the South turned Republican (see Fred Barnes excellent article in the Weekly Standard).

After several years of tangling with his Legislature, Sanford, along with the South Carolina Club for Growth, took active steps to move the Legislature in a new direction. In other words, they targeted incumbent Republicans with pro-growth, conservative challengers.

And they were remarkably successful. In the State Senate, Governor Sanford endorsed four incumbent-challengers and won three of those races. The loss to GOP incumbent Sen. Jake Knotts might have had something to do with the fact that he was endorsed by the highest elected Democratic official in the state and Democrats came out in droves to vote for the Republican-In-Name-Only. In total, Sanford endorsed six Senate candidates, five of which won their elections.

Life would certainly be easier for Sanford if he just sat on his hands and played nice with his Republican Legislature. While you occasionally see politicians fighting for conservative principles, rarely do you see the kind of conviction and determination that you get from Gov. Sanford. It is thoroughly refreshing.

Club for Growth

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ralph Smith Serves Up Lendy’s Again

Ralph Smith Serves Up Lendy’s Again
‘50s Roanoke Drive-In Returns June 27

ROANOKE, VA—Senator Ralph Smith (R-Botetourt) is bringing back Lendy’s, the classic Roanoke drive-in, on June 27 to coincide with the Star City Motor Madness Cruise-In.

Ralph Smith’s annual “Lendy’s Again” will be serving up original menu items from a miniature replica Lendy’s at an original Lendy’s site on the 5500 block of Williamson Road. Buddyboys, longfellas, onion rings, and strawberry pie will all be available on Friday from 6-10 pm.

The food’s authenticity is ensured by the presence of Chick Rakes who managed the location at the Williamson Road drive-in location back in the 1960s. Chick Rakes will be joined by other volunteers who have participated in the event every year since 2003.

The first Lendy’s Again was held during Ralph Smith’s tenure as mayor of the City of Roanoke and has continued to expand every year since. This year, guests will be invited to view photos and ‘50s movie clips as they enjoy their food and the classic cars.

Monday, June 9, 2008

6th District elections, this past Saturday

This past Saturday, the 6th district met in Lexington, VA.

Congratulations to the winners of the following 6th district seats:

Scott Sayre, Vice Chairman
Jim Crosby, State Central Committee for Congressional Seat
Kelly Keach, Secretary
Steve Mabry, Treasurer

In addition, Dr. Kurt Michael submitted his resignation as chair for Augusta County but plans to stay involved with the party.