Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fred Thompson Endorses Va. Sen. Ken Cuccinelli for Va. AG

Former GOP presidential candidate and United States Senator Fred Thompson announced his support this week of State Senator Ken Cuccinelli for the Republican Nomination for Attorney General of Virginia. In his endorsement, Senator Thompson said: " candidate stands out as the person dedicated to the First Principles on which our nation was founded. That candidate, Ken Cuccinelli, is the best choice for all citizens of Virginia to serve as the chief legal authority for the coming four years."

Thompson continued: "At a time in our nation when fundamental, Constitutional rights and protections are often ignored and twisted theories are contrived to circumvent the clear mandates of our founding documents, Virginia needs an Attorney General grounded in his faith and adherence to the core principles. Ken Cuccinelli is the person best suited to accomplish this for Virginia."

"We at FredPAC strongly endorse Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General and urge all Virginians, regardless of Party or political persuasion, who value individual liberty and constitutional government to support his campaign."

Coming off a series of fundraisers held last week by former Arkansas Govenor Mike Huckabee, the Cuccinelli for Attorney General campaign has continued to build momentum as it nears the state convention on May 30th, in Richmond.

Reacting to the endorsement, Senator Cuccinelli said "I am humbled to receive the support of such a great leader as Fred Thompson. I am proud of all the support we have received spanning the Commonwealth, from unit chairmen to precinct captains to newcomers in the political process from every part of Virginia, all this support points to a winning effort in May and November."

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Roanoke Tea Party a smashing success !!

Wow...we had over 500 people at the Roanoke Tea Party, held Wed. April 15 at 5 p.m. on Wiley Drive near the footbridge and the Roanoke River.

Thanks goes to organizers Sharon Nicely and Elena DeRosa for their hard work and planning to make this happen.

The speakers started a little after 5 p.m., due to problems with the bullhorn. Kudos to the young man in the red Tshirt who donated his good bullhorn for the cause. Many groups were represented there...I spoke to several independents and Libertarians.

Spending and deficits were the #1 topics among the speakers. Most were upset at the Obama Administrations’ putting our future generations in mountains of debt. One speaker told a young girl that her share of the debt is $186,000. Several spoke of taxes out of control and excessive debt.

Many in the crowd were Fair Tax supporters and the Fair Tax people held a concurrent rally at the Downtown Post Office from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., speaking with those filing their taxes at the last minute.

I hope people will take the next step and call or write Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner, asking them to REJECT the inflated Obama budget. I understand Obama’s 5 year budget will add $11 Trillion in debt to America. Obama alone will add more debt that ALL OTHER President’s before him, COMBINED!

Did you know that Obama’s stimulus bill of $1.2 Trillion is more money that the ENTIRE 1982 Federal budget??

Please join me in keeping the Tea Party spirit alive and stop the Democrats in leadership from bankrupting America!!

Sen. Mark Warner click here for his webmail form
202-224-2023 in DC

Sen. Jim Webb click here for his webmail form
540-772-4236 in Roanoke

866-507-1570 Toll free to DC

Monday, April 13, 2009

Roanoke Tea Party, Wed April 15, 5 - 7 pm

I plan to be there....will you? Time for Washington to quit piling mountains of debt on our future generations!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Virginia House rejects $125M in Federal Cash

I understand that Gov. Kaine is upset that the Virginia House REJECTED some federal stimulus cash, which would have gone to unemployment compensation.

As somebody who has recently been laid off, and thus would qualify for this cash, I have a comment to the House of Delegates.......

BRAVO! You did the right thing. Yes, I could be self-focused and want the cash...but we must look beyond the quick fix and look to what is best for Virginia.

Should Virginia become dependent on federal handouts and the corresponding strings attached? NO!

We need to work with business and lower the corporate tax attract business to Virginia and CREATE MORE JOBS. We have to take the long-term view of what is best for our country, for Virginia and for our children and grandchildren.

Burdening our future generations with millions of dollars of debt is the WRONG approach. America will soon be owned by our debtors, including the Chinese, under Obama's plan.This country was found on independence, Christian values and freedom. We cannot bow to any foreign power if we want to keep our freedom.

Obama is clearly taking us in the wrong direction, toward bankruptcy and massive debt...from which we cannot emerge.

It is time for all Americans, regardless of their party, to fight to take back our country. Fellow citizens, please get active now, while we still have time.

After he signed the Declaration of Independence, a woman asked Benjamin Franklin, "Mr. Franklin, what have you given us?" He replied "A Republic.....if you can keep it."

Friends, lets join the fight to keep it!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Delegate Pogge endorses Ken Cuccinelli for AG

The following is the text of a letter I am sending to Convention delegates in my area in support of Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General:

Dear Delegate,

As you know by now, you will have the opportunity to make history by voting to determine the Republican Party's nominees for statewide office this May in Richmond. The last few election cycles have been tough for Republicans, but it's time to fight back, and 2009 is the perfect opportunity to begin rolling up our sleeves and rolling back some of the damage that the Democrats have done in Virginia. I'm glad you've decided to get involved in this effort.

With Bob McDonnell for Governor and Bill Bolling for Lieutenant Governor, we already have a strong ticket. But we can make it even stronger by nominating State Senator Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General. Let me share a little with you about why I'm supporting Ken Cuccinelli. Ken is, first and foremost, a principled conservative. He has stood up time and time again for the values we believe in as conservatives. Ken is 100% pro-life. He was one of only two legislators to actively campaign for the marriage amendment in Northern Virginia. Senator Cuccinelli has also been a preeminent leader in the State Senate on 2nd Amendment issues, defending our constitutional rights from assaults on the Left. That's why every 2nd Amendment group in this race has endorsed Ken. And on private property rights, Ken fought to strengthen the protections in Virginia's eminent domain laws and will continue to fight to make sure those protections are written into the state constitution - where they should be.

Ken's low-tax, small government, Jeffersonian philosophy is what Virginia needs in the next four years. With our country's economic future looking more uncertain by the day, we need an Attorney General who will work to create a low-tax, business-friendly environment that will bring new, high-paying jobs to Virginia. Ken will do that. He will work to ensure that Virginia becomes a better place to live, work, and raise a family - but only with your vote on May 30th.

Ken Cuccinelli is also a proven winner. He has won three partisan races is Fairfax County. That's no easy task for a conservative Republican. In all three of his races, Ken has been outspent. But by sticking to his conservative principles and outworking his opponents, he has won each time. If Ken can win in Northern Virginia, he can win anywhere. And by winning in Northern Virginia, he will bring more votes to the rest of the Republican ticket than any other candidate for Attorney General. That's good for Republicans in Virginia.

I have been involved in the conservative movement in Virginia for over 16 years. I have not known the other candidates until this race. But I have known Ken. I've seen first hand his leadership in the General Assembly. He passionately believes in our founding principles, and is willing to stand for them, he isn't afraid to tell the truth to the voters. He isn't the "go along to get along" type. I have even heard him say that he would rather lose than to compromise his principles. We are bankrupt both morally and financially because so many of our elected officials have compromised their principles. They will say anything to get elected, run to the right and then lead to the left. Ken Cuccinelli is different. I think RedState editor Erick Erickson said it best this week when he described Ken as "a rare breed...uncompromisingly conservative."

Finally and I think most importantly, Ken is a Constitutional Attorney who believes in the rights of the individual states and in the 10th amendment of the United States Constitution that guarantees those rights. In the days ahead, we will need an Attorney General who has the backbone to stand up to the liberals in Washington and put them in remembrance of our Constitution and the limitations it contains.
Many of you know me...we have worked side by side for the principles we believe in. I don't trust very many politicians, but I do trust Ken Cuccinelli and that's because he is not a politician, he is one of us. When you go to the convention on May 29-30 in Richmond, I ask that you please join me in supporting Senator Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General. We know Ken, he has a proven record, and he is a proven leader and a proven winner. Let's help elect a slate of conservative Republican candidates that will restore the GOP back as the Grand Ole Party and back to winning on our principles!


Delegate Brenda Pogge

ps I know some of you have already committed to one of the other Attorney General candidates and I would not ask you to go back on your word to them. However, if there is no clear winner on the 1st ballot, I would ask you to please consider supporting Ken on any subsequent ballots.