Friday, January 16, 2009

Republican Chuck Smith announces run for Congress, VA 2nd

State Central Committee member Chuck Smith has announced his run for the 2nd Congressional seat in VA, election in 2010.

This is the seat where Democrat Glenn Nye recently beat Republican Thelma Drake.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

HuckPAC endorses Bob McDonnell for Governor, Ken Cuccinelli for Atty. General of VA

Bob McDonnell-Governor

Huck PAC and Governor Huckabee are proud to endorse Bob McDonnell for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Bob started his political career in Virginia in 1991 by serving in the House of Delegates. It was his first election victory and he has not lost since. Bob has served as Virginia’s Attorney General since 2006. Since taking office as Attorney General McDonnell has seen 83 of his 94 legislative proposals become law, most with overwhelming bipartisan support. To learn more about Bob McDonnell, please visit his web site

Ken Cuccinelli - Attorney General

Ken Cuccinelli is the Huck PAC endorsed candidate for Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia. He believes strongly in the 2nd amendment, the sanctity of all human life, that marriage should be a protected union between one man and one woman. To learn more about Ken Cuccinelli, please visit his website