Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sarah Palin in Roanoke Today!!

Sarah wowed them in Roanoke today. We got there and were greeted by a huge line of over 1000 people. Many people camped out many liberals would draw that kind of fan enthusiasm? The first lady in line had waited there since 8 am on Saturday morning!

When we got our 2 books signed, we were taken by Sarah's warmth and charm...and how she connects to people....amazing.

I was glad to see her youngest son Trig with her...and her mom and dad as well! had some great video coverage here:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

School Choice Support Widespread in Virginia

The Family Foundation today joined several other organizations in releasing a survey conducted on behalf of the Friedman Foundation showing widespread support for a variety of school choice proposals. The survey, conducted in October, shows that while Virginians support public schools, they also support education freedom and choice.

The survey results found broad support among Democrats, Republicans and Independents for tax-credit scholarship programs and school vouchers. Democrats indicate support for tax-credit scholarships (64%) and school vouchers (53%). They are more likely to favor rather than oppose these policies by +43 percentage points and +15 percentage points, respectively.

Interestingly, while the survey found that 62% of Virginians believe the public school system is “good” or “excellent,” when given the choice between sending their child to a public school or an alternative (private, charter or homeschooling) 54% said they would choose the alternative. Among parents with children currently attending a public school, 40% would keep their children there while 39% would choose an alternative. Currently, 90% of Virginia’s school children attend public schools.

Another interesting note from the survey found that younger Virginians, those just out of school or in parenting years, are more supportive of education choice than older Virginians. In other words, those closest to the public schools are less likely to want their kids to attend them.

Not surprisingly, 65% of those surveyed also drastically underestimated how much Virginia spends to educate public school children. While 28% believed the cost to be between $3001 and $6000 and 19% believed it to be less than $3000, the actual 2007 school year figure was nearly $12,000 per student. It’s no wonder that polls show Virginians support more funding for public education when two-thirds underestimate it by two or three times the actual number.

Clearly Virginians want education freedom. The issue of school choice is not a public vs. private debate, it is simply about the best opportunity for every child and parents’ rights to make that choice.

As I told our Gala audience last month, while charter schools are certainly a widely supported idea and Virginia’s charter school law needs changing, we can’t stop there. Virginia’s kids deserve the best education possible – public or private or home or charter – and they deserve it now. It’s time for the education establishment to stop being obstructionists and instead join the fight for education freedom in Virginia.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Great pictures from Roanoke 40 Days for Life event

Many people recently stood for life on Peters Creed Road, outside of the Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic.
This was part of the 40 days for life campaign locally and nationally.
Check out this great slide show from the Roanoke event, on youtube.
Thanks to all who stood for life!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cause and effect

Obama 08 = McDonnell 09, Bolling 09, Cuccinelli 09, Cleaveland 09, Griffith 09, Elswick 09, Flora 09, Altizer 09, Johnson 09 and many, many others.

It's a great day to be a Virginia Republican!! Join us!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My choices for Tuesday, Nov 3 election

Fellow Virginians,

I urge you to vote this Tuesday for the following candidates:

- Bob McDonnell for Governor

- Bill Bolling for Lt. Governor

- Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General for Governor for Lieutenant Governor for Attorney General

I have personally known these gentlemen for many years. They are each good public servants and they will make you proud to be a Virginian.

Check out the Family Foundation voter guides on these 3 statewide races at this location...compares all candidates on issues that are important to the family.

For House of Delegates, 17th District - Bill Cleaveland

Family Foundation has published a voter guide comparing the 17th HOD candidates...

Bill has strong conservative values for this seat, replacing Republican William Fralin. His opponent, Gwen Mason, is a pro-abortion liberal on Roanoke City Council.

For House of Delegates, 8th District - Morgan Griffith

Morgan has been a strong leader for all of SW Virginia. His position as Majority Leader helps this area a lot. People would be nuts to support his opponent, Radford teacher Carter Turner. Turner has no experience in elected office, a poor trade for the House Majority Leader position!! Morgan scored a top rating of 100% in the Family Foundation report card, that ranks all delgates and senators on their votes that support the families of Virginia.

For House of Delegates, 11th District - Troy Bird

Troy has the conservative values we need in the 11th house district. His opponent, Onzlee Ware, has a poor rating of 20 on the Family Foundation report card.

Local races:

Board of Supervisors, Vinton -- Mike Altizer

School Board, Vinton -- Jason Peters

Board of Supervisors, Hollins -- Richard Flora

Board of Supervisors, Windsor Hills -- Ed Elswick

Sheriff, Roanoke City -- Octavia Johnson

Revenue Commissioner, Roanoke City - Douglas Walker