Monday, January 25, 2010

Important information on race for 6th dist chairman

My recent note to some fellow Republicans is below.....I have endorsed nobody, yet. I want to step forward to encourage ALL who run for this important seat.....we need unity, not somebody who divides us. The 6th district committee has had our challenges lately and we must put this behind us.

I urge all candidates: The person we choose must put the needs of the district ahead of their personal agenda for future office, or resume-building.

This is a servant's position.....Check your ego at the door.

I hope we can get somebody who is a fiscal and social conservative...the full package. But this election should be about the exchange of ideas, not who is most aggressive or shouts the loudest or pressures you to support them.

To all who live in the 6th congressional district, I encourage you to participate!! The convention is May 22 in Lynchburg.

To register, you have to go to your local Republican unit (city or county) and follow their rules to sign up. Most of them have unit mass meetings in Feb. - April.

Roanoke City has a mass meeting on Feb. 17 at 6 pm, but that meeting is to nominate candidates for city council. Like the other units, their mass meeting for the 6th dist. convention will be later.

Some units will allow you to register for the May 22 convention in Lynchburg without attending the local Mass meeting. Each can set their own rules, so check it out.

The good news here: You, the registered voter has an EQUAL vote with anybody. You don' t have to be a member of your local party. You can shape the direction of the party by attending and voting! I hope you will consider doing just that.

Dear Fellow Republican,
The 6th district chairman seat will be up for election at the May 22 6th district meeting in Lynchburg.
Fred Anderson plans to step down and has planned to announce that at our Feb. 6th dist meeting....Salem Chair Greg Habeeb has already announced he is running for that seat.
18 years in local politics has taught me one thing "KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY" and don't jump the gun.
My advice to all 6th district Republicans is to ENDORSE NOBODY, yet. The election will not be held until May 22, so there is plenty of time.
I have it on good authority that 2 other people (including a well-liked conservative) are considering running for that I recommend you wait and see who the candidates are before locking yourself into just one person.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Craig announces Roanoke City Council run



Contact: Brian Gottstein,, 540-309-8255

Craig announces Roanoke City Council run

ROANOKE (January 19, 2010) – Retired Marine Corps colonel and long-time citizen watchdog over Roanoke City Council, Robert (Bob) Craig has announced his campaign for city council. Craig says he is concerned about the precarious position of the city’s finances after 10 years of what he considers ill-conceived spending that has compromised the ability of the city to fund its core government functions.

Craig’s concerns about Roanoke include:

· Financial responsibility – the city government does not prioritize its spending, ends up buying “nice-to-have” items (an amphitheater, civic center expansions, etc.), then has little left to fund its core functions, such as storm water drains and schools. The taxpayers should not be hit up for more taxes or face service cuts every time the budget comes up short.

· Stopping the proposed new storm water utility fees – they will further burden citizens and businesses already strapped by a tough economy. This excessive tax will kill more jobs in Roanoke than the recession, and – unlike the recession – it will return year after year to exact its toll.

· Better financial support for the school system – city schools have improved their performance and efficiency during the last few years. Yet, when the schools run efficiently and save money, the city penalizes them by counting that savings against them in the following year’s budgeting process, rather than allowing them to use that extra money to improve programs.

Craig’s entire working career has been in leadership and financial management. He commanded four artillery units in Vietnam, and spent his last 17 years on Marine Corps active duty as a financial manager, including serving as the chief financial officer of two Marine Corps bases with budgets the size of Roanoke’s.

Following his military career, Craig was a senior financial executive with the U.S. Treasury Department and an adjunct faculty member in financial management and organizational management at several colleges and universities in Hawaii, Mississippi, and Maryland.

His campaign web site is

Craig can be reached at

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Roanoke Abortion Memorial

These crosses are placed on the front of Rainbow Forest Baptist Church Property facing 460, east of Roanoke.

Each cross represents one baby that was aborted in our district (over 700)