Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Steve Shannon's Deceptive Campaign for Attorney General

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By NRVNews

Steve Shannon, the Democrat candidate for Attorney General, is conducting a very deceptive campaign. He is trying to convince voters he is a conservative. He is also strongly implying the job of the Attorney General is to prosecute criminals. The truth is very different.

Shannon’s record reveals he is definitely not a conservative.

He voted to put the Marriage Amendment on the ballot, then actively campaigned against it. This constitutional amendment, approved by Virginia voters, requires marriage only to be between one man and one woman – not between two men or two women. Shannon’s opponent in the Attorney General race, Ken Cuccinelli, campaigned for the Marriage Amendment.

Shannon voted against requiring public schools to involve parents in their childrens' decisions to participate in after-school activities. He would be an Attorney General who opposed commonsense parental rights.

Shannon voted against a bill that protects from discrimination a public school student’s voluntary expression of a religious viewpoint on a subject permitted by the school. This candidate for Attorney General voted against religious freedom.

Shannon supports state funding of abortions.

Shannon opposed protecting private home owners – especially those who are middle class and poor – from governmental abuse of eminent domain laws that permit local and state governments to take private property.

Ken Cuccinelli, Shannon’s Republican opponent, took the opposite positions on these issues.

Shannon’s portrayal of the Attorney General’s responsibility is false, and he knows it. It is not only or primarily the prosecution of criminals.

At the web site for the Virginia Attorney General, we read:

“The Office of the Attorney General is the Commonwealth's law firm. Its clients are the Virginia state government and the state agencies, boards and commissions that compose that government.

“The full time staff includes a chief deputy attorney general, six deputy attorneys general and about 150 assistant attorneys general, 40 additional full time lawyers appointed as special counsel to particular agencies, and 140 legal assistants, legal secretaries and other professional support staff. The Office of the Attorney General is structured very much like a private law firm, with sections devoted to legal specialties.”

Note in the previous paragraph: “The Office of the Attorney General is structured very much like a private law firm, with sections devoted to legal specialties. “ It is appropriately not structured like a prosecutor’s office.

A long list of the duties and powers of this office is posted, showing prosecution of criminals is not the only or even the major duty of the Attorney General. And prosecutions are almost always handled by staff members. Mark Earley and Bill Mims are two of Virginia’s recent, excellent Attorney Generals who had no previous experience as prosecutors.

Furthermore, the Virginia Fraternal Order of Police is not endorsing Shannon. It is endorsing Ken Cuccinelli.

Shannon is a typical liberal candidate for public office in Virginia – deceptively trying to hide the fact that he is a liberal.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Wagner's support for higher taxes, record of fiscal mismanagement and dishonest, negative campaign is exposed-

-Bolling clearly outlines record of accomplishment and New Ideas for a Better Virginia-

SALEM - Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling handily defeated Jody Wagner in the Lieutenant Governor's debate tonight at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia. The debate was sponsored by the Young Lawyers Division of the Virginia Bar Association, moderated by WSLS reporter Jay Warren and broadcast live on the WSLS website.

Throughout the debate, Bolling clearly outlined his record of accomplishment during his 18-years of public service and his plans to create new jobs, grow the economy, restore fiscal management to state government and provide solutions to the education, energy, transportation, public safety and health care challenges facing Virginia.

Many times appearing flustered, Wagner was repeatedly put on the defensive for her consistent and habitual support for higher taxes, including her proposal to increase of the gas tax, her record of fiscal mismanagement as Secretary of Finance, which has caused over $7B is budget shortfalls and the loss of more than 2,000 state jobs, her lack of positive ideas and plans to solve the challenges facing Virginian and her dishonest, negative personal campaign attacks on Bolling.

Throughout the debate Bolling connected Wagner to her running mate Creigh Deeds plans to raise taxes and his dishonest, negative personal attacks.

Wagner has embraced Creigh Deeds' plans to raise taxes on Virginia families and business, including higher job-killing gas taxes, even in a bad economy. Additionally, Wagner has supported every major tax increase during her eight years in state government, including increasing the sales tax by 20%, imposing higher taxes on small businesses and seniors and higher taxes on home and car sales.

When discussing their respective records, Bolling summed up the differences between himself and Wagner best when he said, "She has worked for people who have accomplished things. She has accomplished very little."

As a State Senator and Lieutenant Governor, Bolling has a long record of accomplishment. Some highlights include:

  • Kids First legislation to crack down on dead beat parents
  • Establishing the children's health insurance program in Virginia, which is currently covering over 100,000 low-income children
  • Expanding the Governor's Economic Opportunity Fund to make incentives available to small businesses in economically depressed regions of Virginia
  • Eliminating hundreds of unnecessary and redundant regulations as chairman of the Regulatory & Government Reform Task Force
  • Providing the first state funding to the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, which is cracking down on internet sexual predators
  • Streamlining the regulatory process to position Virginia as the nation's leader in advancing wind and solar projects

As Lieutenant Governor, Bolling promoted numerous initiatives that focused on important health care issues. Through his Steptember program, Ending Cervical Cancer In Our Lifetime initiative, Helping Virginians Breath Easier campaign, and the Lieutenant Governor's Challenge: Your Heart Is In Your Hands program, Lieutenant Governor Bolling has helped focus public attention on important health care issues like obesity, cervical cancer, asthma and cardiovascular health.

Bolling also clearly outlined his innovative and plans to create jobs, grow the economy and restore fiscal responsibility to state government and address the education, energy, transportation, health care and public safety challenges facing Virginia.

The Manassas News & Messenger called Bolling's proposals "comprehensive and extensive plans to deal with transportation, education, public safety and more".

Earlier today, The News & Messenger joined the Arlington Sun Gazette as the second Northern Virginia newspaper to endorse Lieutenant Governor Bolling.

Bolling has also been endorsed a long list of other organizations including National Federation of Independent Business/ Virginia, Virginia Association of Realtors PAC, Virginia Farm Bureau Federation's Virginia AgPAC, Virginia Credit Union League, Associated Builders and Contractors, Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, National Rifle Association - Political Victory Fund, Fraternal Order of Police and Police Benevolent Association.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Roanoke Valley Realtors endorse Bill Cleaveland for Delegate

RVAR Endorses Candidate
Photo of Bill Cleaveland
Bill Cleaveland
RVAR’s Board of Directors has endorsed Bill Cleaveland (R) for the 17th District seat and authorized a $2,500 RPAC contribution to his campaign. Personal interviews were conducted with Mr. Cleaveland and his opponent, Gwen Mason (D). Questions focused on: basing the grantor’s tax on sales price instead of assessed value; how to fund statewide infrastructure needs such as Virginia’s highways; creating a Virginia homebuyer tax credit and the Dillon Rule.
Thanks to the Interview Panel: Kathy Nunnally, Henry Scholz, Joe Sutliff, Tom Turner and Todd Wampler. More interviews will be held in October.

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